NCC Cadets of Air Wing, participated in every activity. Theses activities refers to the importance of teaching students to be life-long learners. These activities provide opportunities to students to express and explore themselves in areas depending upon their interests, skills and talents. Activities teach students to work as a “unit” and be a team. One of the advantage of attending these activities is getting a chance of being a leader, to develop management skills, time management, and many more. Proper time management can help cadet in scheduling their daily routine, so it will be helpful in their upcoming future.


NCC Flying is one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences a cadet undergoes during the course of his/her training. Every NCC cadet is given a free sortie in 2nd and 3rd year of their training period. Each cadet got the opportunity of sortie in Virus SW-80 Microlight Aircraft.


Aero modelling is the study of aircraft and the process of building the models of actual aircrafts which are unable to carry persons and are used for sports and study purpose, that is called Aero-Modelling.


Drill is an important activity of a cadet’s life. Turnout is very important in drill activity, it inculcates a sense of discipline, smartness in appearance, which creates self confidence. In addition to these, it brings the coo-rdination between mind and body. Drill is the most efficient way of moving a number of people from one place to next.


Firing is an important and compulsory training for all the NCC cadets. This is done so that fear of firearms can be removed from the minds of the cadets. The art of shooting teaches precision, accuracy, coordination of body movements, and confidence which helps to make a better person in public.


Camp training is the practical manifestation of institutional training. The aim of camp training is to introduce cadets in developing comradeship, work team, leadership self-confidence, in the cadets.


The Cadets of Air Wing NCC are contributing towards social welfare. NCC conducted various activities at various places to make people aware against social evils such as Trafficking, Anti tabacco rally Drugs abuse, HIV/AIDS infections.